Health professionals of all categories in Greece are available on search engines depending on their affiliation to the national health system and the national health insurance services. For emergency hospital care, you may call the European helpline 112 or the national helpline 166 to ask for an ambulance or rescue service. You will be transported to the nearest ESY-hospital on duty.

Looking for health facilities and professionals in Greece?

HealthAtlas search machine available in Greek and English

You can find the PEDY-primary care networks and ESY-hospitals listed in Greek, as follows:
Queries for points-of-service (Regional Health Authourities)

For PEDY-primary care networks or ESY-hospitals, you may contact the Citizens’ Health Service Centres of the 7 regional health authorities, as follows:

EOPYY-contracted health professionals
  • EHIC or EU-AMKA holders may use the HealthAtlas search machine (available in Greek and English) or the EOPYY-search machine (available in Greek).
  • To find an EOPYY-contracted physician and ensure availability, you may use the EOPYY-eFindDoctor tool (available in Greek).
Last Update: 23 December 2021
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