The healthcare professionals of every category in Greece are available in e-search tools depending on their affiliation with the statutory health system and the statutory health insurance services.

Public/state healthcare providers

You can find the PEDY-primary care networks and ESY-hospitals listed in Greek, as follows:

For further information on PEDY-primary care networks or ESY-hospitals, you may contact the Citizens’ Health Service Centres of the 7 regional health authorities, as follows

EOPYY-contracted health professionals

EOPYY also contracts private practices, laboratories and diagnostic centres and other health professionals to provide health care services to those insured. A system of monthly caps operates  on physician activity. Every doctor contracted with EOPYY has a limit of 200 visits per month and there is also a monthly ceiling on the value of pharmaceutical. The latter varies according to specialization, number of patients prescribed for, the prefecture etc. This means that the beneficiaries of statutory health insurance who are in need of a doctor’s visit or a prescription and choose to consult an EOPYY-contracted doctor must either find a physician who has not reached his or her ceiling or they will have to pay privately.

For EOPYY-contracted health professionals, EU citizens may use:

Last Update: 13 February 2024
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