The Greek national health system provides healthcare benefits/services through a network of public/state providers and contracted private providers of primary, hospital and ambulatory care with the aim to ensure disease prevention and the promotion, preservation, improvement, recovery and protection of health.

EOPYY (National Organization for the Provision of Health Services) negotiates, contracts and remunerates health professionals on the basis of EKPY (Unified Health Benefits Regulation) prescribing the benefits package for the beneficiaries of the system.

The health benefits package includes:

  • ambulatory medical treatment
  • diagnostic/laboratory/clinical tests
  • dental treatment
  • physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, psychotherapy
  • medicines, consumables, dietary supplements, medical devices
  • hospital treatment
  • supplementary healthcare (orthopedics, eyeglasses, hearing aids, prosthetics etc)
  • long-term care
  • obstetric care and ivf
  • healthcare abroad
  • vaccination programs
Last Update: 22 December 2021
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