EU member states shall ensure that there are mechanisms in place for the protection of patients, filing complaints and claiming redress in the event of damage due to healthcare provided in their territory. Member states shall inform patients of the nature and details of the relevant mechanisms through the national contact points for cross-border healthcare.

When seeking treatment abroad, make sure you have sufficient information about the treatment, the procedures to be performed and the risks involved. The healthcare provider must inform you clearly and accurately about the standards of quality and safety of care, his professional licenses and his professional liability insurance coverage.

In the event of damage to your health as a result of healthcare you received in an EU country, for example as a result of a medical error, you have the right to take action against the healthcare provider using complaints and redress mechanisms pursuant to the national law of the state in which you received care. You may also enjoy judicial protection.

The national contact point for cross-border healthcare of the state in which you received the care is able to inform you of your rights in the event of damage.

Regarding healthcare in Greece, you may find useful information about the legal framework as well as the designated bodies and authorities for the protection of patients’ rights here.

In the event of seeking redress for damage to their health as a result of healthcare provided in Greece, EU patients should address their complaints to the Independent Unit for the Protection of the Rights of Health services Recipients at the Ministry of Health which is the responsible authority to process and look into the individual cases. The service can be contacted at: rights@moh.gov.gr. The patients also reserve their right to judicial protection pursuant to the national legislation.


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Last Update: 26 May 2021
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