Do you need to seek planned medical treatment, such as a visit to a specialist, surgery or treatment for a specific condition, in a non-EU country? Before you leave, make sure you fully understand your rights and the procedures you need to follow.

Your statutory health insurance service is responsible for informing you of your rights to planned healthcare in a non-EU country.

In Greece, for EOPYY-insured persons, the request for prior authorization for planned healthcare  in a non-EU country may be granted, as long as the treatment is not an experimental or research method, when:

  • the necessary treatment can’t be provided in Greece within a medically justified period, taking into account the patient’s current state of health and the possible progression of their illness, or the treatment is not available in Greece due to lack of appropriate scientific means (i.e. specialized equipment or infrastructure etc) and,
  • it is only available in a non-EU country.

If the treatment is available in an EU country but the insured person wishes to be treated in a non EU-country, then the Greek statutory health insurance service covers only 20% of the actual healthcare costs.

For further information on how to apply for prior authorization of planned healthcare in a non-EU country, EOPYY-insured persons may contact the competent service of EOPYY-International Relations Directorate at: d12.t5@eopyy.gov.gr.

Last Update: 11 May 2021
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