The cross-border hospital in Cerdanya – One hospital, two States (France-Spain)

Fund: European Regional Development Fund
Operational programme: Interreg III; Interreg IVA France-Spain 2007-2013
Total Investment: EUR 28.615.385
EU Investment: EUR 16.600.000

The Cerdanya is a remote and mountainous plateau on the Franco-Spanis hborder at an altitude of 1200 metres, where the population can go from 32.000 residents to more than 150.000 in the tourist season. On the Spanish there was a hospital in Puigcerdΰ, but there was no way of expanding it. On the French side, emergency and obstetric care could only be provided in Perpignan (France), more than 100 km away. Because of this distance, some French patients went to Spanish hospitals for healthcare, in particular under an existing hospital agreement between the respective health authorities. But this was a source of administrative, regulatory and financial difficulties.

The cross-border hospital at Cerdanya has been providing its services since 19 September 2014. With bi-national staff and patients, it is unique in Europe. Its day-to-day work entails continuous adaptations, whether to patient reimbursement procedures, employee status or healthcare procedures. There is no doubt that the project has led to some very specific progress in the field of European cooperation.

In addition to the construction and management of the hospital, the project increased the mutualisation and cooperation between French and Spanish health professionals. Thanks to this cooperation, other projects have been developed, for example the emergence of a cross-border centre for social and healthcare research bringing together the universities of Gerona and Perpignan.

The utilisation rate has steadily increased over the last years, with 24 000 patients attending the emergency service in 2015.


Reference: European Cross-Border Cooperation on Health: Theory and Practice, European Commission
Study conducted by Eric Delecosse, Fabienne Leloup and Henri Lewalle