“Putting patients, clients and families first”- A cross-border health partnership (Republic of Ireland and United Kingdom)

Fund: European Regional Development Fund
Operational programme: Interreg IV A Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, Northern Scotland
Total Investment: 30.000.00
EU Investment: EUR 22.500.000

CAWT delivers the programme entitled JPutting Patients, Clients and Families First, which covers a series of projects for improving access to services, promoting health, well-being and social inclusion, and reducing health inequalities in these rural border areas.

The twelve projects that make up Putting Patients, Clients and Families First form an ambitious programme aiming to grow and diversify the services offered, create cross-border networks and facilitate mobility.

They cover:

  • developing new specialist medical services, such as otolaryngology services (ENT),
  • setting up family planning centres,
  • developing eating disorder networks,
  • alcoholism prevention,
  • support for families and children in difficulties,
  • domestic help for older people,
  • support for people with disabilities,
  • the fight against diabetes targeting at-risk people,
  • a programme of prevention and management for childhood obesity
  • actions to combat health care inequalities,
  • support to professional mobility by sharing knowledge and expertise,
  • measures addressing autism.


Reference: European Cross-Border Cooperation on Health: Theory and Practice, European Commission
Study conducted by Eric Delecosse, Fabienne Leloup and Henri Lewalle