TRISAN – A tool for structuring and coordinating cross-border health in the Upper Rhine (France-Germany-Switzerland)

Fund: European Regional Development Fund
Operational programme: : Interreg VA France-Germany-Switzerland
Total Investment: EUR 801.916
EU Investment: EUR 367.750

The tri-national cross-border centre project TRISAN aims to identify, coordinate and amplify the synergies born of several decades of cooperation on health in the Upper Rhine. It is intended to support administrations and healthcare providers on every side of the borders in order to best structure and develop partnerships and projects.

The TRISAN project is run by the Euro-Institut at Kehl (Germany). This Franco-German entity for training, advice and support in matters of cross-border cooperation was founded in 1993. Now a local cross-border cooperation grouping, it plays an important role in the region as a bicultural and binational organisation (France and Germany) providing training and advice on cross-border cooperation. Its aim is to foster mutual understanding between the actors on either side of the border, to encourage cooperation and to support the development of cross-border initiatives.


Reference: European Cross-Border Cooperation on Health: Theory and Practice, European Commission
Study conducted by Eric Delecosse, Fabienne Leloup and Henri Lewalle