INTERSYC – Treating and protecting children together (Greece-Bulgaria)

Fund: European Regional Development Fund
Operational programme: : Operational Programme Greece – Bulgaria 2007-2013
Total Investment: EUR 624.362
EU Investment: EUR 53.708

The INTERSYC project included a range of activities targeted on children, addressing the emergency situations caused by the disappearance of children, prevention and care, and health and social services to families and children in difficulty.

INTERSYC develops activities to improve child health, particularly through prevention. This objective is achieved through mobile medical units and specialist visiting staff on both sides of the border. These mobile units offer medical prevention services including ophthalmology, and a mobile multi-clinic called Hippocrates which has radiology, cardiology, paediatric and dentistry units. Additionally, INTERSYC offers training courses for staff working with children in both Greece and Bulgaria and encourages the setting-up of aid centres for families.


Reference: European Cross-Border Cooperation on Health: Theory and Practice, European Commission
Study conducted by Eric Delecosse, Fabienne Leloup and Henri Lewalle