RomaAlert: access to healthcare for Roma population (Greece-Bulgaria)

Fund: European Regional Development Fund
Operational programme: : Operational Programme 'Greece – Bulgaria 2007-2013'
Total Investment: EUR 1.098.945
EU Investment: EUR 934.103

An analysis study investigated conditions in four Roma settlements and documented problems and needs. Epidemiological research was carried out by collecting data, which can also be used by local authorities for policy making. Based on this, an action plan was developed setting out hygiene and health measures required in the short and long term.

A pilot project comprising training, check-ups and vaccinations was then launched. Training covered hygiene, nutrition, maternity, breast-feeding, child care, family planning, cancer, and health service access. Groups of doctors, social workers and teachers conducted training and distributed support material, such as information leaflets, a health guide and a DVD, in the four settlements.