Cross-border Collaboration

Cross-border cooperation in health targets the development of regional cooperation projects aiming at ensuring access to healthcare and setting up synergies between the healthcare systems across Europe.
In practice, cross-border collaboration:

  • aims to develop access to quality healthcare at urban and rural border regions, by encouraging the pooling of equipment, services and facilities in the cross-border areas,
  • encourages the mobility of patients and health professionals and,
  • leads to the development of legislation, on EU and national level, promoting mobility and patients’ rights.
Over the last 28 years, cross-border cooperation in health has developed numerous initiatives primarily thanks to Interreg funding.
The protection and improvement of health remains the responsibility of the States. Nonetheless, they are invited to cooperate in improving the quality of life for their cross-border populations under the Lisbon Treaty (article 168) and by Directive 2011/24 on the application of patients’ rights in cross-border healthcare.


Theory and Practice: Greek projects

Theory and Practice: EU projects