Complaints procedures

Under the Directive 2011/24/EU concerning complaints procedures and mechanisms in place for patients to seek remedies, the national legislation of the state of treatment applies in case you suffer any harm as a result of the healthcare you receive.

The transposition Law 4213/13 of the Directive prescribes that for health treatment received in Greece, the healthcare providers are subject to systems of professional liability insurance, or a guarantee of similar arrangement that is equivalent or essentially comparable as regards its purpose and which is appropriate to the nature and the extent of the risk, by means of either their respective professional associations or their employer or individually. Healthcare providers are required to provide relevant information to patients upon request. In practice, patients who suffer harm from healthcare provided, may address the provider responsible or the provider’s professional association.

Public hospitals have offices commissioned with the protection of patients’ rights which shall provide information and mediate in case of complaints.

The Ministry of Health has set up a supervisory authority, the independent Unit for the Protection of Patients’ Rights which shall provide information to patients seeking remedies about the course of action on investigating, mediating or settlement while the patients reserve the right to judicial protection.

Please take notice:
The Greek national contact point for cross-border healthcare shall be able to provide the necessary information in case a patient suffers harm as a result of cross-border healthcare in Greece.